Issue 62

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V. Shlyannikov, A. Tumanov, N. Boychenko - Elastic and nonlinear crack tip solutions comparison with respect to failure probability15
B. Kebaili, M. Benzerara, S. Menadi, N. Kouider, R. Belouettar - Effect of parent concrete strength on recycled concrete performance28
H. Guedaoura, Y. Hadidane, M. J. Altaee - Numerical investigation on strengthening steel beams with web openings using GFRP40
M. Saltan, G. Kaçaroğlu, Ö. Karadağ - Investigation of the effect of yarn waste fibers and cocamide diethanolamide chemical on the strength of hot mix asphalt68
A. Brotzu, B. De Filippo, S. Natali, L. Zortea - Corrosion behavior of Shape Memory Alloy in NaCl environment and deformation recovery maintenance in Cu-Zn-Al system78
D. D’Andrea, G. Risitano, M. Raffaele, F. Cucinotta, D. Santonocito - Damage assessment of different FDM-processed materials adopting Infrared Thermography89
Y. Boulmaali-Hacene Chaouche, N. Kouider, K. Djeghaba, B. Kebaili - Numerical study of the plasticity effect on the behavior of short steel columns filled with concrete loaded axially105
F. Slimani, M. Benzerara, M. Saidani - Experimental and numerical investigation of gap K-joints of rectangular hollow section trusses121
M. Baruah, A. Borah - Impact behaviour and fractography of 6061 alloy with trace addition of Sn140
G.B. Veeresh Kumar, P. S. Shivakumar Gouda, R. Pramod, N.D. Prasanna, H.S. Balasubramanya, S.M. Aradhya - Fabrication, mechanical and wear properties of Aluminum (Al6061)-silicon carbide-graphite Hybrid Metal Matrix Composites148
M. S. Shaari, S. D. Urai, A. Takahashi, M. A. M. Romlay - Predicting fatigue crack growth behavior of coalesced cracks using the global-local superimposed technique164
K.C. Anil, J. Kumarswamy, M. Reddy, B. Prakash - Mechanical behavior and fractured surface analysis of bauxite residue and graphite reinforced aluminum hybrid composites182
A.S. Yankin, A.V. Lykova, A.I. Mugatarov, V.E. Wildemann, A.V. Ilinykh - Influence of additional static stresses on biaxial low-cycle fatigue of 2024 aluminum alloy194
A. A. Maaty, F. M. Kamel, A.A. ELShami - Microstructure characterization of sustainable light weight concrete using trapped air additions208
N. E. Tenaglia, D. O. Fernandino, A. D. Basso - Effect of Ti addition and cast part size on solidification structure and mechanical properties of medium carbon, low alloy cast steel226
Y. Biskri, M. Benzerara, L. Babouri, O. Dehas, R. Belouettar - Valorization and recycling of packaging belts and post-consumer PET bottles in the manufacture of sand concrete239
Y. S. Rao, B. Shivamurthy, N. S. Mohan, N. Shetty - Influence of hBN and MoS2 fillers on toughness and thermal stability of carbon fabric-epoxy composites254
N. Ab Razak, C. M. Davies - Numerical simulation of creep notched bar of P91 steel275
M. M. Pazdi, F. A. Ghazali - Evaluation on fatigue behaviour of spot-welded joint under low blow impact treatment285
J. C. Toledo, F. V. Díaz, M.E. Peralta, D. O. Fernandino - High-quality nodule analysis in spheroidal graphite cast iron using X-ray micro-computed tomography293
M.A. Fauthan, S. Abdullah, M.F. Abdullah, I.F. Mohamed - Multiple linear regression parameters for determining fatigue-based entropy characterisation of magnesium alloy303
D. C. Safa, N. Kaddouri, M. ElAjrami, M. Belhouari, K. Madani - Use of combined CZM and XFEM techniques for the patch shape performance analysis on the behavior of a 2024-T3 Aluminum structure reinforced with a composite patch318
T. Tahar, D. Djeghader, B. Redjel - Mechanical properties and statistical analysis of the Charpy impact test using the Weibull distribution in jute-polyester and glass-polyester composites340
T. Mohsein, S. Lakhdar, G. Belhi, K. Meftah - On the use of the stepped isostress method in the prediction of creep behavior of polyamide 6350
J. C. Santos, M. V. G. de Morais, M. R. Machado, R. Silva , E. U. L. Palechor , W. V. Silva - Beam-like damage detection methodology using wavelet damage ratio and additional roving mass363
D. Wang - Seismic vulnerability analysis of reinforced concrete frame with infill walls considering in-plane and out-of-plane interactions378
G. Veeresha, B. Manjunatha, V. Bharath, M. Nagaral, V. Auradi - Synthesis, microstructural characterization, mechanical, fractographic and wear behavior of micro B4C particles reinforced Al2618 alloy aerospace composites399
S. S. E. Ahmad, M. M. Elmesiri, M. Fawzy Ahmed, M. Bneni, A.A. ELShami - Experimentally evaluation of high-performance concrete mixes used for tunnels and containing silica fume and polypropylene fiber after exposed to high temperatures422
R. J. Bright, P. Hariharasakthisudhan - Mechanical characterization and analysis of tensile fracture modes of ultrasonically stir cast Al6082 composites reinforced with Cu powder premixed Metakaolin particles440
M. Ravikumar, R. Naik - Impact of nano sized SiC and Gr on mechanical properties of aerospace grade Al7075 composites453
A. Mishra, A. Dasgupta - Optimization of the tensile strength of friction stir welded heat treatable aluminum alloy by using bio-inspired artificial intelligence algorithms462
P. Ghannadi, S. S. Kourehli, S. Mirjalili - The application of PSO in structural damage detection: an analysis of the previously released publications (2005–2020)474
F. Cantaboni, P. S. Ginestra, M. Tocci, A. Avanzini, E. Ceretti, A. Pola - Compressive behavior of Co-Cr-Mo radially graded porous structures under as-built and heat-treated conditions504
D. Santonocito, D. Milone - Deep Learning algorithm for the assessment of the first damage initiation monitoring the energy release of materials519
A. Iziumova, A. Vshivkov, A. Prokhorov, E. Gachegova, D. Davydov - Heat dissipation and fatigue crack kinetic features of titanium alloy Grade 2 after laser shock peening530
E.V. Lomakin, B.N. Fedulov, A.N. Fedorenko - Influence of manufacturing shrinkage and microstructural features on the strength properties of carbon fibers/PEEK composite material541
Yu. G. Matvienko, V.S. Pisarev, S. I. Eleonsky, I. N. Odintsev - Quantitative description of low-cycle fatigue damage accumulation in contact interaction zone by local strain evolution555
I. Shardakov, A. Shestakov, I. Glot, V. Epin, G. Gusev, R. Tsvetkov - Estimation of nonlinear dependence of fiber Bragg grating readings on temperature and strain using experimental data575
Y. U. Chapke, D. N. Kamble - Effect of friction-welding parameters on the tensile strength of AA6063 with dissimilar joints587
A. Baryakh, A. Tsayukov - Justification of fracture criteria for salt rocks599
R. Andreotti, A. Casaroli, M. Quercia, M.V. Boniardi - A simplified formula to estimate the load history due to ballistic impacts with bullet splash. Development and validation for finite element simulation of 9x21mm full metal jacket bullets616
H. Samir - The P-h2 relationship as a function of (hf/hm) in indentation627
A. Mondal, D. Pilone, A. Brotzu, F. Felli - Effect of composition and heat treatment on the mechanical properties of Fe Mn Al steels638
S. Bouhiyadi, L. Souinida, Y. El hassouani - Failure analysis of compressed earth block using numerical plastic damage model648

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