PSI - Issue 49

Minghua Cao et al. / Procedia Structural Integrity 49 (2023) 74–80 Minghua Cao et al./ Structural Integrity Procedia 00 (2023) 000 – 000





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Fig. 5 Distribution of plastic deformation in Model A1 (spherical inclusion) under FFBCs: (a) 500 °C after heating; (b) 20 °C after cooling.

4. Conclusions The thermomechanical behaviour of MMC-HA was investigated in this work. Several three-dimensional unit cells were generated with each unit cell comprising a single HA inclusion of different aspect ratios embedded in the Mg matrix domain; both domains were perfectly bonded. An elastoplastic constitutive behaviour was assigned to both HA and Mg phases and a pure thermal load cycle of 20 °C-500 °C-20 °C was applied to all numerical models. The interaction between the HA inclusion and the Mg matrix was caused by the mismatch in coefficients of thermal expansion between the two phases. The von Mises stress and plastic deformation had higher values in the Mg matrix at the location close to the interface between the two phases during thermal loading. The results of models with FFBCs would result in a more conservative design than PBCs because of their restriction to thermal expansion. Additionally, the plasticisation of the Mg matrix accumulated mostly under FFBCs during the thermal loading but was not significant under PBCs. In conclusion, the thermomechanical behaviour of MMC-HA was affected by the morphology of HA inclusions under different boundary conditions during thermal loading. References Bahmani, A., Comeau, P.A., Montesano, J., Willett, T.L. (2019). Extrudable hydroxyapatite/plant oil-based biopolymer nanocomposites for biomedical applications: Mechanical testing and modeling. Materials & Design, Balać, I., Uskoković, P.S., Ignjatović, N., Aleksić, R., Uskoković, D. (2001). Stress analysis in hydroxyapatite/poly -l-lactide composite biomaterials. Computational Materials Science, Chawla, N., Chawla, K.K. (2013). Metal matrix composites . Springer, New York. Drago, A., Pindera, M.J. (2007). Micro-macromechanical analysis of heterogeneous materials: Macroscopically homogeneous vs periodic microstructures. Composites Science and Technology, Dubey, A., Jaiswal, S., Garg, A., Jain, V., Lahiri, D. (2021). Synthesis and evaluation of magnesium/co-precipitated hydroxyapatite based composite for biomedical application. Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials, Fogarassy, P., Cofino, B., Millet, P., Lodini, A. (2005). Residual stress in hydroxyapatite coating: nonlinear analysis and high-energy synchrotron measurements. IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, Fritsch, A., Dormieux, L., Hellmich, C., Sanahuja, J. (2009). Mechanical behavior of hydroxyapatite biomaterials: An experimentally validated micromechanical model for elasticity and strength. Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part A,

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