ESIS Newsletter December 2023

Newsletter #70-2023

Blogger Prof. Per Ståhle Lund University Solid Mechanics Lund, Sweden Email:

weekend preceding the Conference (24-25 th Au gust). More details can be found on the ECF24 website (LINK) and in this Newsletter. Number of other conferences also deserve our attention. At this point I would like to mention X ICEFA scheduled for 7-10 July in Athens, orga nized by our affiliated journal EFA (Conference chairs: Azevedo, Clegg, Infante, Pantazopoulos). Deadline for abstracts is 26 th January 2024. This and other important events, including events to be organized by TCs and NGs, can be found on our website calendar with appropriate links. In the meantime, the new website has been launched, thanks to Francesco, our past president and ICT wizard. Link is still the same, although the new one (LINK) also works. In any case, it was never as easy as now to use our website to promote TCs and NGs activities, as many of them are already doing, but not all. So, a gentle re minder for chairpersons in charge to start using our website for all info regarding their activities, past, present and future! The same holds for NGs leaders. Recently new TCs started with their activities (TC20, TC21 and TC22), and now there is another initiative to establish TC on Artificial Intelligence, already approved by ExCo as TC19. Out of many activities performed by TCs, let me mention here awards and competitions such as those provided by TC12 and TC18. So, let us make 2024 another successful year in ESIS long history and, why not, start preparing for double jubilee in 2026 (25 th ECF in Athens in 2026), 30 years after the 1 st one in 1976 in Com piégne, organized by the first ESIS (EGF at that time) president Dominique Francois. Aleksandar Sedmak 24 th European Conference on Fracture ECF24, Zagreb, Croatia, 26-30 August 2024

ECF24 Chairman Prof. Zeljko Bozic Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, University of Zgreb Ivana Lucica 5, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia E ‐ mail: ECF25 Chairman Prof. Stavros Kourkoulis Department of Mechanics, National Technical University of Athens Athens, Greece E ‐ mail:


Dear friends,

Year 2023 is almost over. ESIS activities were intensive, including a number of supported

conferences and events, as you can find out in this issue of Newsletter. The ExCo had its regular meeting in No vember, with ECF24, schedu led for 26-30 th August in Zag reb, Croatia, as the main to pic. We are now 8 months away from our biggest biennial event, preparations

are well advanced thanks to Zeljko Bozic and his team, and it is time to send abstracts and start preparing papers! I am sure that ECF24 will be another successful ESIS conference with high scientific level of presentation and an excellent opportunity to discuss research on all Fracture Mechanics and Structural Integrity topics, as well as to see good old friends and make new friendships. All TCs are invited to organize thematic symposia, as well as to compete for 3 best ones, the award established in Madeira during ECF23. Anyhow, this invitation is not limited to TCs, so whoever has an idea for thematic symposium is encouraged to apply. As usual, young researchers are invited to compete for the best paper award, provided by ESIS Elsevier (1000 euros for the 1 st place, 500 euros for the 2 nd place), and three best presentations, as well as for the ESIS support. We also encourage our members to nominate distinguished researchers for ESIS medals and awards. Finally, ESIS Fracture Mecha nics Summer School will be held during the

9 th ESIS Fracture Mechanics Summer School Zagreb, Croatia, 24-25 August 2024


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